Sierra pimm

I am 13 years old Alberta, Canada.

I have been riding since I was born so about 13 years!

My parents rode, and I was born on a farm, to me horses were always the cutest, and prettiest animals so from there I just began to ride, and clicked with horses immediately.

My first horse was Barney.

I am currently riding and showing my horse Wharaon!

Yes people i my family ride! My dad, stepmom and little brother. None of my friends at school ride but they think its so cool that I ride and come over often to hop on one of our horses!

Juggling my time is hard but I just make a schedule and it helps alot!

I attend a catholic school in my town.

My favorite piece of tack is probably my saddle, because it is very special and I love it.

If I were to try another horse sport other than hunter/jumper it would probably be Dressage or Eventing.

I keep my ponies and horses at home.

I do know how to braid! I love braiding my horses for the jumper ring as it looks very clean! Still working on my hunter braids though Lol.

As a junior rider I would love to just keep moving up in heights, participating in bigger classes and become a great horsewoman.

Probably as a rider I most proud at how independent I have become from riding to taking care of my horse!

After my junior years I would love to ride in college and then eventually go professional.

5 Fun Facts

  • I really enjoy tea hot or cold.
  • Everything I own has something to do with horses! Lol 
  • I am very tall about 5'11.
  • I enjoy photography, making horse video edits, baking and reading.
  • I love to run, and work really hard at it as I do track and field.