Piper Reese Shearer

Age: 8

Where are you from: Southampton NY 

About your riding...

How long have you been riding: 3 yrs

What made you start riding: I started riding because I loved horses. They are very gentle and beautiful.

What was the name of your first horse/pony? Every Cent aka Wilbur. I also had Twiggy, Lands End Snapdragon, and I got to show Wynbrooks Sandcastle at WEF along with Frozen!

What horses/ponies are you currently riding/showing: My pony is Chapman!

Does anyone else in your family ride? (If so, who) Do you have friends at school that ride? If not, do they think it's cool that you ride horses or do they wonder why you don't do more mainstream sports? My mom used to ride and show. I have some friends at my school and other nearby schools that ride.My friends think its awesome that I ride.

How do you juggle your time to include riding and other activities?  I ride right after school everyday and do my homework in the car!

For the people that are riding on the show circuits- do you attend traditional school or online/home school? Not me yet!

What is your favorite piece of tack and why? My saddle, its a Beval Jr. and my Uncle Rob got it for me !

What is your favorite piece of tack and why? My saddle, its a Beval Jr. and my Uncle Rob got it for me !

Is there a horse sport that you would like to try that is different than the style you ride? Such as reining, eventing, mounted games, racing, etc. I would like to try jumpers.

Do you board or keep your ponies at home? We board Chapman at Pinnacle Farms owned by my trainer Kelsey Calabro and her mom.

Do you know how to braid? I don't know how to braid but I would love to learn.

Goals and Accomplishments...

What you would like to accomplish as a junior rider? I would love to go to pony finals some day and keep getting points for the Long Island High Score Awards.

What are you most proud of as a rider? I was really proud that last year I was Reserve Champion for all of Long Island in the short stirrup hunter. When I was six I was Reserve Circuit Champion at WEF in the walk trot division.

Do you see yourself riding after your junior years? (College, turn professional, other??) Yes! I will ride for the rest of my life!

5 Fun Facts...

  1. I love Art. 
  2. I love singing.
  3. I love to read and learn about horses.
  4. My favorite place is the beach.
  5. I am an ambassador for Topknot Show Bows