Olivia Rich

A little about you...

  • Age: 13
  • Where are you from: Lake Forest, Illinois
  • How long have you been riding: 8 years
  • What made you start riding: My mom used to ride horses when she was younger so she made sure that my sister and I started riding at a young age.
  • What was the name of your first horse/pony? Good N Plenty "Oreo"
  • What horses/ponies are you currently riding/showing: Sensible Shoes "Ella"
  • Does anyone else in your family ride? (If so, who) My older sister rides as well.     

Friends, school and balancing activities...

  • Do you have friends at school that ride? If not, do they think it's cool that you ride horses or do they wonder why you don't do more mainstream sports?I have friends from my previous school that ride and I have a friend at school who used to ride. My other friends think that it's cool that I ride horses as my sport.
  • How do you juggle your time to include riding and other activities? I used to be a gymnast when I was younger but I was having a hard time with practice and lessons and meets and showing so I decided to drop gymnastics. 
  • For the people that are riding on the show circuits- do you attend traditional school or online/homeschool? I attend traditional school but I've thought about online school to spend more time on riding and competing.    

What is your favorite piece of tack and why?

 My favorite piece of tack would have to be my saddle because it has helped me rely on my seat in riding at such a young age.

A few more things...

  • Is there a horse sport that you would like to try that is different than the style you ride? Such as reining, eventing, mounted games, racing, etc. I would love to try eventing because I've competed in the jumpers and dressage in the past so I would like to try cross country as well.  
  • Do you board or keep your ponies at home? I board my horse at High Finance Farm.  
  • Do you know how to braid? Yes, I do!    

Goals and accomplishments...

  • What would you like to accomplish as a junior rider? I would like to be showing in the Big Eq before my junior years are finished.
  • What are you most proud of as a rider? I had a projected horse for 6 months and we were schooling him at 2'6" before my trainer sold him back to his previous owner.
  • Do you see yourself riding after your junior years? (College, turn professional, other??) I would love to ride on a college team and possibly turn professional!  

Five facts about me:

1. I have had 3 horses in total that I have leased 

2. My all-time favorite tv show is One Tree Hill 

3. My horse is a 15.3 hh 15-year old OTTB 

4. I have had 2 german shepherds who were actually half-sisters! I also had a corgi too! 

5. I have 3 siblings! Two of them have ridden horses!