Olivia Elmore

A little about you

  • Age: 15 (I show as 14) 
  • Where are you from: McDonough, Georgia 
  • How long have you been riding: 12 years 
  • What was the name of your first horse/pony?: Bo 
  • What horses/ponies are you currently riding/showing: Jag (JAG Lord of the Dance),Vincent (Van Gogh), Bella (Bells and Whistles), Cliché, and other horses I ride at my barn     

What made you start riding? Does anyone else in your family ride?

  : I was fortunate enough to be born into a horse family and my mom encouraged me, but I fell in love with riding myself My mom rode saddleseat as a child and did the hunters as a teenager. She rides Dressage as an adult and now rides for pleasure.   

Riding, school and managing your time

  • I am so fortunate to have a school that has an IEA (Interscholastic Equestrian Association) team.    
  • I have multiple friends that ride at my school, but none in my grade (rising sophomore). 
  • I know for a fact that many of my closer school friends doubt my athleticism and probably believe I go home from school every day and do nothing. 
  • I have learned to rephrase my sentences- using ‘practice’ instead of lessons and ‘coach’ instead of trainer. 
  • They encourage me to do track or tennis, which I would do if I had time.   
  • How do you juggle your time to include riding and other activities?: I dedicate every spare moment of the day to horses. On summer days, I usually ride both of my horses in the morning and go out and ride some more at my barn in the afternoons. During school, I usually don’t have time to ride at home and at my barn, so on days I have a lesson I ride at the barn and on days I don’t, I ride at home. The rest of the time is used for homework. 
  •  I attend traditional school, but I miss a lot of days.  

Favorite piece of tack and why?

I love my saddle. While riding bareback strengthens your core and helps you sit, so does riding stirrupless. I have found that it is harder for me to sit the canter in a saddle without stirrups than bareback. I know I need to work on it, especially since I’m an aspiring Big Eq rider.       

More about you...

  • I think doing eventing would be a super neat thing to do, but I doubt I’d ever try it. 
  • Do you board or keep your ponies at home?: I keep my pony and horse at home 
  • Do you know how to braid?: I’m in the process of learning, but I’m really bad at it! 
  • What you would like to accomplish as a junior rider?: I don’t have the finances to do a ton of bigger shows. I do rated shows, but I have never been to Pony Finals, and that is absolutely my dream. 
  • I love my pony more than anything, but he measures an unfortunate 12.3 hands and we simply could not make it down the lines in the greens this year. It’s not his fault, it’s not my fault, it’s just how it is. He’s not a top dollar pony and I hated to get my hopes up, but I did. I will watch the livestream of Pony Finals again this year at home. 
  • Even though I should be moving on to horses (which I am), Pony Finals will always be my dream and something I really, really hope to accomplish. 
  • I would also love to accomplish going to Maclay Finals. 
  • What are you most proud of as a rider?: I am proud of my even temper when riding and my ability to ride and train green horses and ponies. 
  • I have personally trained two ponies in the last 3 years and turned them into division ponies and I am working on my 6 year old green KWPN right now. I will always ride anything you throw at me. I often show my trainers greenies at shows, but don’t work with them consistently. 
  • Do you see yourself riding after your junior years?  Absolutely! I want to go to Auburn University and ride for them, but because of my lack of rated show experience, I highly doubt I will make it onto their NCAA team. I’m not sure if I will want to ride IHSA in college, but I definitely want to become a professional.  

5 Fun Facts

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