Lola Pietrafesa

From Palm Beach Gardens, FL

How long riding: 

2 years

What made you start riding: 

My father introduced me to riding and got me started

What was the name of your first pony


What pony currently showing: 

Maggie May

Does anyone else ride in the family:  

My father, Joseph Pietrafesa, rides and plays polo here in South Florida

Friends that ride: 

I don't have any friends in my school that ride.  My friends all think it's really amazing that I ride and jump and have even come to see me ride!

How do you juggle your time: 

On the days that I don't ride I try to fit in as many of the other activities that I enjoy.  I play piano and study voice, take art, dance and I model.  I'm busy!!

Favorite piece of tack: I like my saddle the best because it has my name on the back!

Favorite horse sport I'd like to try

I'd like to play polo because I could play it with my dad (and maybe even beat him one day!)

My pony is boarded at Moorcroft, Inc.

Do you know how to braid?

No, but I plan to learn.

What would you like to accomplish as a junior rider:  

I want to go to pony finals next year!

What are you most proud of as a rider: 

The first year I rode, I fell off and broke my humerus.  I'm proud that when it healed, I wasn't afraid and was able to get right back on and start again.

Do you see yourself riding after junior years: 

I would love to be able to ride through college!

5 Fun Facts

 1)  I do professional modeling and often get free clothes for doing it!

 2)  I was born in Virginia in a snowstorm and now live in sunny Florida!

 3)  My favorite foods are clams, artichokes and olives only!

 4)  I love to read!

 5)  I learned to ski when I was 2 1/2.