Izzy Baker


Age: 15 (show age 14)

Where are you from: Portland Oregon

How long have you been riding: 7 years

You, your family and riding:


What made you start riding: My mom won riding lessons when I was 7 and I loved it so much and it just grew from there.

What was the name of your first horse/pony? Fancy

What horses/ponies are you currently riding/showing: Fancy that, Kinetic, Tea for Two 

Do you have friends at school that ride? If not, do they think it's cool that you ride horses or do they wonder why you don't do more mainstream sports? Nobody in my family rides but I have lots of friends that ride and my school has a equestrian team!

How do you juggle your time to include riding and other activities?  

Playing lacrosse and riding horses as well as taking advanced classes can be hard but I take a study hall which helps me get all my homework done before I go home!

Do you attend traditional school or online/home school? I currently attend traditional school and fly back from the horse shows every other week. 

What is your favorite piece of tack and why?

  I love my saddle!! I own a voltaire and it is so comfortable :) it also has pink on it! 

More about you


Is there a horse sport that you would like to try that is different than the style you ride? Such as reining, eventing, mounted games, racing, etc. 

Not really

Do you board or keep your ponies at home? 

I wish!

Do you know how to braid?



Goals and accomplishments

What you would like to accomplish as a junior rider? 

One of my biggest goals is to go to high children jumper finals. Although I just started jumping 3’6 it is something I would like to do this year or next!!

What are you most proud of as a rider?

I am most proud of all the training I have put into my green pony to make her the pony she is today.

Do you see yourself riding after your junior years? (College, turn professional, other??) 

I definitely see myself riding after my junior years are up. I want to ride in college for sure but would love to show as an amateur on the “A” circuit as well.

5 fun things about you that people might not know.


1- No stirrup November is by far my favorite month!!

2. I LOVE all horses

3.  I play lacrosse for TEAM12 which is a club that raises money for cancer awareness 

4. I always show with my Mane Jane rocket spurs!

5. I ride IEA!