Hannah Theissen

A little about you

  •  Age 10 (On July 18th)
  • I've been riding for 3 years.  
  • My first pony's name was Surf's Up.  
  • Now I am riding my pony Sophie. Her show name is Rags to Riches.  
  • I live on Long Island in New York.   

What made you start riding? Does anyone else in your family ride?

  • I went to a birthday at a barn and then begged my parents for lessons.  
  • My mom rode when she was younger. She rode Western though.   

Riding, school and managing your time

  • My friends at school don't ride but they like coming to the barn with me on days that I hack. They like to help me wash and groom Sophie.  
  • I still play basketball with some friends from school.  
  • Horseback is like breathing to me. It's the thing I love to do most. 
  • I stopped doing some other activities like cheer and soccer to spend more time riding.   

Favorite piece of tack and why?

I cherish my saddle. I got it as a Communion present from my parents when I was 7.     

More about you...

  • I would like to try eventing because it looks like a lot of fun and I want to train to compete in the Olympics.  
  • I board at an awesome barn with lots of other riders my age.  
  • I want to learn how to braid but I don't know how yet.  
  • Right now I am ranked #1 in Short Stirrup and Short Stirrup Hunters. I'd love to finish the season strong and hopefully in the top 3. 
  • I love to compete and I am so grateful for trust that my pony has in me. This makes me really proud. 
  • I am also proud of the progress that I've made. I see myself training for the Olympics!   

5 Fun Facts

Five Fun Things about Me: 

1. I've never met a pony that I didn't fall in love with. 

2. I love to play Star Stable online with my cousin who lives in Florida. We FaceTime while we play. 

3. My friends at the barn love to do Horseless Horseshows and jump courses. 

4. I won the Kindness Award at my school and I am really proud of that.

 5. I love rollerblading and making Musicaly videos with my friends.