Grace Roberts

Age: 15

From: Knoxville, TN

How long have you been riding

9 years

What made you start riding: 

I knew a few people who were riding and wanted to try it out. I instantly fell in love!

What was the name of your first horse/pony? 

Lemon Drop

What horses/ponies are you currently riding/showing: 

I'm leasing a horse named Olivier de Upatoi (Oliver) and I just recently became the owner of my own horse, Reminisce (Remi).

Does anyone else in your family ride? 

No, I'm the only one!

Do you have friends at school that ride? If not, do they think it's cool that you ride horses or do they wonder why you don't do more mainstream sports? 

I have a couple of friends at school that ride and most of my friends think that it's cool that I participate in such a unique sport.

How do you juggle your time to include riding and other activities?  

I run cross-country in the fall and I'm constantly busy with school, so time management has become an important skill to juggle riding and other activities.

For the people that are riding on the show circuits- do you attend traditional school or online/home school? 

I attend a private school in Knoxville.

What is your favorite piece of tack and why? 

My favorite piece of tack would have to be bits because there are so many different and unique styles, or my CWD saddle because it's just so comfortable!

Is there a horse sport that you would like to try that is different than the style you ride? Such as reining, eventing, mounted games, racing, etc

Dressage has always seemed fun and interesting.

Do you board or keep your ponies at home? 

I board my horses at Fiesta Farm in Knoxville.

Do you know how to braid? 

No, but I would like to learn.

What you would like to accomplish as a junior rider? 

As a junior rider, I would like to qualify and participate in some big eq finals as well as continue to improve my relationship with Remi and ride different horses.

What are you most proud of as a rider? The fact that I have been able to see my progress and accomplishments throughout my time of being a rider are what I am most proud of. 

At first, I was a little timid and not as confident, but I have seen myself grow and become more confident as I've progressed in my riding career.

Do you see yourself riding after your junior years? (College, turn professional, other??) 

Yes, I would love to ride in College.

5 Fun Facts

1. I want to pursue a veterinary career.

2. My fav food is mac n cheese.

3. I love love love dogs!

4. I just bought t-swift's new album and I'm in love!

5. I've only been out of the U.S. twice.