Erica Van Dyken

Age: 11
From: Moorestown NJ
How long I've been riding: 3 yrs old 

Riding, family & school

What made me start riding: my mom introduced it to me
What was the name of my first pony: Wizard
What pony I show and ride: Cherrybrook Just Blue In/Abby
Who else rides in my family: my mom has ridden and horse showed since she has been little
Do people at my school ride: no but most people think it's cool and are jealous because I get to miss school for horse shows
Juggle time:I ride everyday after school so if I take a few days off for other things it's ok
School: I attend a traditional school  

Favorite piece of tack

draw reins 

More about you...

Diff horse style I'd like to try: eventing
Board: I ride and board at Tustin farm
Braiding: I don't know how to braid 

Goals and accomplishments

What I want to accomplish:
Being champion once at Harrisburg, Devon, and PF
Proud of: my ponies
Future riding: maybe wanting to go pro but not sure about college  

5 Fun Facts

  1. I have 4 ponies
  2. I have a little sister
  3. I have 2 dogs
  4. I own a lot of breyers
  5. my favorite show is Devon