Ellie Laferty

About you and your horse/pony

  • Age: 13
  • From  Roanoke VA. 
  • I've been riding for 11 years. I have been riding all my life! 
  • My first pony was Counting on High Hopes "Mia".
  • Now I'm riding my horse Windsor's Jalapeño "Gavin", and my ponies My Remedy "Remy", Some Like It Hot "Sophie", and Meadow Fox Red Rhyder "Romeo".  

What made you start riding? Does anyone else in the family ride?

  • I'm not really sure how I started because I was so young! 
  • Yes! My mom. She had a horse named Cassius.  

Riding, school and managing your time

  • I have 2 friends at school who ride at my barn and the rest of my friends are very supportive! 
  • I don't do any other sports other than riding so it's pretty easy! 
  • I attend regular school as an 8th grader, but I wish I did online so I could ride more during the day.  
  • Yes, I definitely see myself riding after my junior years.

More about you...

  • My favorite piece of tack is a square pad! 
  • A different discipline I would like to try would be dressage because it is very neat to watch and looks really fun to do.  
  • We keep our ponies/horses at our own barn that doubles as a boarding facility. 
  • Yes... I do know how to braid, I'm just very new at it and not very good. 
  • I want to accomplish getting around a 3'+ course confidently.
  • I'm most proud of my amazing horses and how awesome, kind, and sweet they are 

5 Fun Facts

  1. I have 2 mini donkeys, Millie and Zoey! 
  2. I have had two other ponies/horses before my four now, Mia (mentioned above) and Sage Paints the Sky "Sage". 
  3. I danced for 9 years but stopped so I could ride more. 
  4. My favorite horse show is at Liberty University. 
  5. I also have 2 cats, 2 dogs and 3 chickens.