Caroline Light

A little about you...

  • I'm 14. I have been riding for 13 years total but seriously riding and showing for 9.  
  • I got started riding because I was born into it. My mom, both brothers, dad and my grandparents all ride.
  • My first horse was Geronimos Paint, we just recently retired him at 28 years old! 
  • I am currently riding all of the horses out at Randolph College, it's my (unpaid) job throughout the summer and school year. 
  • I also ride my horse Moco, used to ride Mo, my pony Rhett and some catch rides. I show Rhett!  

About school and friends

  • I play volleyball because I love the team aspect which sometimes you don't get very much of in riding! 
  • What do your friends think of your riding: They think it's pretty cool, and my close friends come over and ride my ponies! Of course there are the bullies, but who even cares about them?! 
  • How do you manage your time: Well I always have myself on a strict schedule. I'm a worrier, so I leave myself no time for that. It goes get off from school and come home at 3:30. Ride till 4:30. Feed 5:30-5:15. 5:15-5:45 agility work. 5:45-6:45 run and exercise. 6:45-7:45 study. 7:45-8:15 eat. 8:15-9:45 study. 8:45-10:00  read or watch tv 10:00 sleep!  
  • What type of school do you do: Traditional but we are considering online! The issue with online is I actually find it a lot harder and I love the social aspect of school.    

Favorite piece of tack

My favorite piece of tack is my bridle, it complements my pony's face so perfectly! It was a perfect Christmas gift along with the gift of my pony.  

Do you do any riding other than hunter/jumper

I would love to do more dressage! I find it really beneficial to horse and rider. My mom used to do H/J all the time till about 20 years ago she shattered her knee cap and has never physically been able to jump again so we have been doing dressage together!   

More about you...

  • I keep my pony at home for half the year (summer and fall and spring) and board him for winter. We don't have an indoor so it makes things a lot easier! But my others are at home 24/7! 
  • Do you know how to braid: Yes I do! I used to braid for every horse show!  
  • I would like for my name to be known as a hardworking, sportsmanlike girl. I never want to have a bad rep! I think sportsmanship is what separates the winners from the losers in this sport. Your name easily gets around as unsportsmanlike, but when you set yourself up as a sportsmanlike person, your name will slowly but sourly get out there. Probably my ability to adapt to any horse I sit on. You can hand me an old school horse or a wild ottb and I will figure it out in a matter of minutes! I also am so proud of my pony. Endless hours and days practicing and he is coming together so well. I love that pony with all my heart and when I see him he makes my heart swell with happiness. 
  • Do you plan to continue riding after your junior years: Yes I do! College and then working for a while and then turning pro!      

5 fun facts about you

1- my tongue can touch my nose 

2- my feet can pick up anything and are extremely ticklish  

3- I can tie a cherry stem in my mouth  4- I have read 11 books in 1 day (like Harry Potter size)  

5- I have to have everything on a schedule or I lose my mind a bit. Everything has to be timed pretty perfectly!