Brooke Russell


Hi! My name is Brooke Russell from Matthews, NC, and I am 13 years old. I have been riding since I was 5 years old. 

My first ponies name was Page Six "Lola" a flea bitten grey I showed in the walk trot to cross rails. She liked to buck a lot. 

Right now I am riding a large bay quarter pony named Bring on the Rain "Noah".  

My aunt owns a dressage farm in Pennsylvania, which is where I got my love of horses and my dressage horse Only in my Dreams "India". 


Riding and school


I have one person who rides in my grade. We ride at the same barn. I play volleyball, so it's sometime hard to juggle it all, but weekend lessons help me get through. 


Favorite piece of tack


My favorite piece of tack is definitely my stirrups! You don't realize how much you use your stirrups till they are gone.



I have always wanted to try cross country, I love just galloping in the field! 

My pony does not live at my house, but my barn is very close. 

I do not know how to braid, but I would love to learn! 


Goals and accomplishments...

I would love to get to be jumping 3'6 accurately before my junior year is over. 

I am most proud of when a have a good round! 

After my junior year I want to turn professional and ride green horses!   

5 fun facts!

 1- my pony and I were born in the same year!

2- I hope to have my own breeding farm when I'm older

3- Noah is my first hunter pony to own

4- Noah and I share the same favorite food, carrot cake!

5- Noah's quarter horse name is Peps Sunny Bar