Aleema Garfinkel

A little about you...

  • I am 14 years old. 
  •  I'm from California. 
  • I've been riding for a little over 2 years.

What made you start riding? Does anyone else in your family ride?

  • I had a friend convince me to start taking lessons.  
  • My grandma used to ride horses.

Riding, school and managing your time

  • My first horse's name is Emerald Zahita (aka Emma).  
  • Right now, I am riding a pony named Smokie.  
  • I don't really have friends at school that ride. 
  • At first, most people tell me riding doesn't count as a sport but my closer friends eventually understand that it's not that different from the mainstream sports they do, such as gymnastics.   
  • I only take lessons at my barn once a week but my horse lives at home with me so I can fit riding her around my other classes/activities whenever I want.  

Favorite piece of tack and why?

My favorite piece of tack are saddle pads because you can change them like clothes. 

More about you...

  • I would like to try dressage at some point in my life because I feel like there are so many elements in it that you can use to improve your riding overall.   
  • My horse lives at home with me but I boarded her for a year after I first bought her.   
  • I do not know how to braid. My mom braids for me!  
  • As a junior rider, I would like to work with more horses/ponies (not only in the saddle).  
  • I am most proud of how quickly I learned everything I did and how far I have come since I started riding.   
  • It is my dream to be on the UC Davis Hunter Jumper Team in college. 
  • After that, I'll go wherever life takes me :) 

5 Fun Facts

1. I want to be a large animal veterinarian.   

2. I am half Pakistani, half Caucasian.  3. I have more pets than I can count on my fingers and toes.  

4. My mom, even though she doesn't ride, is my greatest cheerleader for riding.   

5. I love theater and Broadway! Especially Hamilton!!